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Oil Drain Valve

Oil Drain Valve

The Oil Drain Assembly is an eco friendly product for use in all Diesel & Petrol Engines This product enable the user to change engine oil in a fast, easy, safe and clean manner without spilling a drop of oil on the floor
Detailed Description

In the old days, your entire fleet of trucks would have been transferred to the workshop for an oil change for on road applications. For off road applications, a time consuming and complex oil replacement task was undertaken, and a costly one when you consider that all you’re actually doing is changing oil.
?These days it’s a lot easier and much more economical, with Nitin’s innovative drainage solutions an oil change is something that can be done simply on site, and at a fraction of the cost if equipment down time is considered
?Nitin also offers the possibility of taking oil samples from your fleet ‘on location‘. Simple, clean, efficient and very, very fast. The samples allow you to decide whether we go for a simple change of oil, or a more comprehensive maintenance programme.”
?The biggest advantage of using the system is that it eliminates the risk of thread damage of the oil sump,the need for any hand tools for use and the need for replacement of copper washer between the conventional oil drain plug & oil sump

The Clean Drain standard oil drainage system works with remarkable simplicity and effectiveness. You can introduce the system in just 2 steps:
?Replace the factory fitted plug; no special tools are needed
?Remove the dust cover from the oil drain plug, which keeps the threads clean and protects them from damage
?Screw the connector with the connected hose onto the drain plug and the system will automatically start draining oil.
?Drain hot or cold oil in a clean, simple and rapid manner by gravity or suction.

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